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In 1963, the US bought from the USSR the Stone of Poseidon. Even though the Cold War was raging, this transaction was made possible by the close relationship between Allen Mac Bride and Yuri Kutusov. Even as we speak, Yuri is now a permanent member of our research and development program on Atlantean magic.

After this purchase, Allen Mac Bride founded an association, the American Department of research on Atlantis, in order to study the Stone of Poseidon and unveil its deepest mysteries. He gathered the greatest researchers and scientists in psychics, spiritualism and geology. The first results didn't take long to show up. In 1971, Allen discovered the magical and esoteric powers hidden in the text engraved on the stone. Highly complex calculations were necessary to decrypt the message encoded by Poseidon himself. This is also why the association had to require the help of mathematician fellows.

In 1974 started the first psychic and magical experiments out of the stone's information. It was rewarded with success and a number of companies, now our partners, decided to finance this important research program on what can be considered as the greatest archaeological discovery of all times.

Only later on, in 1979 precisely, and after being certain that the stone would not cause dramatic secondary effects, or would not represent any danger for those who may want to benefit from its powers, that we decided to make our find public. On this same occasion, we thought it would be adequate to give you the opportunity to enjoy the incredible magic of Atlantis too. This way, we can go on studying this gift of the gods by helping you solving your daily-life problems.



Dr.Allen Mac Bride - Head of the Department

Born in 1936 in Boston, Dr.Allen Mac Bride is a worldly renowned specialist in the fields of psychics, the occult, magic, esotericism, and astrology. After graduating from Harvard, he started working for the US government on all the questions of molecular life in submarine environments. In 1963, he bought the Stone of Poseidon from Russian authorities and creates the American Department of Research on Atlantis. Since then, he has been dedicating his life to research on this universal discovery.

Even though Mr Mac Bride has a very busy schedule, he will nonetheless take care of the most difficult of the spells you may submit.


Yuri Kutuzov - Vice-director

Born in 1935 in Leningrad, Yuri Kutuzov has been teaching for 5 years at the university of archaeology of Moscow. He met Allen Mac Bride at a meeting in Berlin and talked about the Stone of Poseidon. They rapidly became friends and Allen convinced Yuri to join him in the US to study the Stone closer.

For your most complex demands, Yuri assists Allen to provide you with the most extraordinary results.


Denise Lopez - Love Spells

Born in 1971 in San Diego, Denise joined the Department in 1990 for her aknowledge medium capacities. Allen taught her particularly the love message delivered by the Atlantean magic. Very quickly, she showed astonishing faculties in understanding the mysteries contained in the stone, and turned out to be highly successful in using them. Her specialties:

Getting the loved one back, having someone fall in love, having all the men or women you encounter be sexually attracted by you, stopping a break-up or divorce process, having your partner to become faithful, or giving you the certainty that she or he will ask to marry you.


Christina Jovanovic - Health Spells

Born in 1977 in Philadelphia, Christina is the most talented person of her generation. Astonishingly young, Allen found her in a school for exceptionally gifted children in Philadelphia. Already a a young girl, she was able to practice telepathy and necromancy. While working on the Stone of Poseidon and the secrets of eternal youth with which the citizens of Atlantis were gifted, she could expand her talents and become the world specialist in health spells. With her, all your problems will be solved:

Weight problems, sleeping disorder, optimizing your body by changing the color of your eyes, your hair or by softening the complexion of your skin, she will also help you face heavy medical treatments linked to a severe disease..


Adam J. Goldstein - Expert in Protection, Luck and Curses

Born in 1959 in New-York, Adam was one of the brightest researchers on the case of the curse of the pyramids. He naturally joined the department after hearing on TV of the research made on the Stone of Poseidon. A genuine New-Yorker, Adam was deeply touched by 9/11 and helps now the biggest cities preventing any new terrorist threat. Of great help regarding curses and how to be protected from them, especially preventively, Adam will help you whatever your request may be :

Having a couple break-up, Cursing a person whom you want to get revenge on, Releasing you from a tormenting bad-luck spell, or bringing you luck in all fields and matters.

The Stone of Poseidon

Richard Anderson - Money, Business and Job spells

Born in Toronto in 1966, Richard joined us a couple of years ago after his acclaimed job for poker players calling for his assistance. Until now, Richard made his clients win more than 100 million dollars, and we may guess that thanks to the Stone of Poseidon, he will know even greater success. A former casino gambler, he knows extremely well the tricks and ways of his job, and can among other things bring you :

Exceptional success during all your visits at the casino or at all money games, Will make your company successful, and will have you get raises from your employer.


Hakkan et Umit Unsal - Friendship and family spells

Born in 1968 in Istanbul, Hakkan and Umit are twins and have developed incredible psychic powers. We hired them after hearing of them in a daily Turkish newspaper, and thought they may be able to improve their amazing gift by living near the powerful Stone of Poseidon. They will take care of all your family and friendship issues:

Tighten the bonds of family or friendship, getting an annoying friend or family member away, becoming the heir of a friend or a family member.