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"At that time, one could sail across the Atlantic ocean; there was an island, beyond what you call the Hercules columns. That island was vaster than Africa and Asia put together."

Atlantis Map

Many theories have been going on about this matter. Nevertheless, Plato's writings don't leave much room to doubt: Atlantis was to be found in the Atlantic Ocean. This was also confirmed later on by the most renowned scientists. Atlantis was indeed a gigantic island located between Europe, Africa and America. Thanks to expeditions led by British and American ships - The "Challenger" and the "Dolphin" - with the participation of German researchers, the submarine relief of the Atlantic Ocean was drawn, leading to an astonishing discovery: an enormous elevation existed in the midst of the Northern part of the Atlantic. Confirming earlier philosophical writings, this scientific discovery brings an undeniable proof that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Stone of Poseidon

This map from more than 15.000 years ago shows that even nowadays there still exist proofs of the existence of Atlantis. You can easily see the elevation which represents the remains of the legendary island. Further accounts confirmed the existence of Atlantis, and led geologists and scientists to look closer upon this centuries-old myth: During WWII, US submarines found tracks of artificial geometrical shapes under the surface. In a word, tracks of what was the very first civilization, long before the Egypt of the pharaohs, Hellas, or Rome. Still today, studies show that pyramidal shapes, mysteriously reminding of Egyptian, Aztec or Maya pyramids, are buried under water several km under the surface. Unfortunately, and despite scientific progress, no submarine technology can dive at these depths to take pictures of these temples which once were the religious centers of the Atlanteans, citizens of Atlantis. Nevertheless, the greatest archaeologists agree on the fact that these gigantic monuments prove the existence of a civilization prior to that of the Egyptians or the Incas, geographically located half-way between the Nile vestiges and those of Mexico.


The Stone of Poseidon

There are a lot of similarities between the different cultures having direct or indirect geographical access to the Atlantic Ocean. Their language, architecture and religious beliefs are so close that we can nowadays assert that Atlantis was undoubtedly the cradle of mankind.


The Basque language is isolated among the other European languages. It doesn't resemble any other despite its proximity to linguistically influential countries like France or Spain. According to famous phonetician Farrar, "There has never been any doubt that this isolated language, preserving its identity in a corner of Western Europe, and located between two great nations, resembles the languages from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, those of the American continent".

The Phoenicians were the first great nation of the middle-east to use a phonetic alphabet, each character representing a sound and not an object. Quite surprisingly, at the same period another phonetic alphabet was created, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean by the Mayas of Yucatan. Furthermore, this civilization had a founding myth about the existence of a land in the East in the middle of the sea. Was it Atlantis? Most certainly. Le Plongeon, great authority among phoneticians, wrote about Maya language : "This language (Maya) is composed for a third of ancient Greek. Who brought Homer's dialect to America? Or who brought Mayan to the Greeks? Greek is the ancestor of Sanskrit. Is Maya too? Or are these two languages equivalent?" Even more surprising, 13 Mayan letters are identical with Egyptian hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs are most likely the oldest form of writing on earth - The language of the gods, as the Egyptians said- But where do they come from? We are certain today that they do come from Atlantis. Egypt would thus be one of the very first Atlantean colonies.

Another Argument can be invoked: the extraordinary resemblance between many Hebraic words and words having exactly the same meaning in the language of the Chiapanecs, Indians of the Mayan race, among the oldest of Central America.

The existence of such similarities between languages brings up the undeniable proof for the existence of one and single race which colonized the Earth : the people of Atlantis.


Mysteriously, all the great pyramids in the world, being Egyptian, Aztec or Maya, are all directed towards the 30th latitude parallel which was, according to Plato, where Atlantis was to be found. As a consequence, we know that these extraordinary buildings were intended to recall the founding myth of all these civilizations. How indeed would people build such monuments at different places and times, if not for reminding their belonging to a common ancestral civilization?

Atlantis Map

Yet one question remains unanswered: how could the Egyptians, for instance, remember their bond to Atlantis several thousands of years after its destruction? The answer lies within the close study of their mythology. It is based upon the god Thot ("Djehuti" in Egyptian), who brought men language, religion and the structure of their civilization. Under the light of what has been told earlier, it appears that the survivors of Atlantis were considered as no less than gods, and shaped the system that we know today as the Egypt of the Pharaohs.

Last but not least, we know now that at the highest point of Atlantis was the temple of Poseidon, which reminds us of Greek and Egyptian architecture. By colonizing regions throughout the world, the Atlanteans brought out their advanced culture, but also their religion and, with the help of their divine nature, incited people to raise monuments reminding of the temple of Poseidon: the pyramids.

As we started decrypting the Stone of Poseidon, we were most surprised to discover a resemblance with texts engraved in the tomb of Tutankhamen. The curse of the Pharaoh, which cost many explorers their lives, can thus be explained by the psychic and magical power developed by the Atlanteans.

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In many countries, from North to South and from West to East, a great number of religions and traditions mention a flood that would have destroyed all civilization on Earth. Then this culture would have spread upon the earth thanks to the few survivors of the disaster. How can one not think of Noah who took on his ark all animal species on earth? That is exactly what happened with Atlantis : the survivors imported over the world their knowledge, culture and civilization. This is how that which is commonly called magic can be found all over the world. The Atlanteans, who were real experts in this matter, imported their magic which, step by step, evolved into local beliefs to ultimately become, among others, Voodoo, Wicca, and more generally Witchcraft.

The Stone of Poseidon

Upon their arrival in the new world, the first Spanish explorers were surprised by the similitude between Mexican and Peruvian beliefs with those of the old continent. They noticed that some sorts of crosses were worshipped by the Indians, and that these continuously used these symbols in their rituals and ceremonies. The solar disc worship can be for instance found in both hemispheres. Another similitude was to be found in the word "God" in the main languages: "Dyaus" in Sanskrit, "Theos" in Greek, "Deus" in Latin, "Dia" in Celtic, "Thyah" in Egyptian and "Teo" in Aztec. In the same fashion, baptism was intended in all the nations of Central America, Egypt, Asia, and Europe. Tertullian, in his book "De Baptismo" asserts that baptism was "the regeneration and apology of men for their mischiefs".