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1. Is it true Atlantean Magic is the most powerful?
YES! It is simply the source of all known magic. Be it Voodoo, black magic, white magic, traditional witch craft or Wicca. All of these spiritual and psychic arts have their origin in the magic the Atlanteans once practiced. We managed to rediscover this magic and this site is your link to this power!

2. Are the spells performed by you?
Yes! We have the right knowledge and experience for this. No one that is not into magick should be dealing with strange energies. That's why we are here for!

3. Do I need to perform any ritual or ceremony?
Yes, the magick needs to be connected to you to make it work better.

4. What if I can't do it, will the magick fail?
No, but performing the ritual will make the whole process smoother.

5. Is the ceremony difficult to do? What does it entail?
It is very easy. The ceremony may vary from one case to the other, but in general they are simple meditations that will align you with the spell cast.

6. Do I need to have any knowledge of magick to perform the ceremony?
No, as the ceremony itself it's not the spell. The spells are performed by professionals with extreme care and skill.

7. What information I need to give you to cast my spell? Do you use biological samples?
With the personal particulars will be fine (full name, DOB), also pictures will help. No, we do not handle biological samples. Only spell casters (less skillful) with difficulties connecting to you need biological samples.

8.I just bought a spell from someone else, can you still help me?
YES, OF COURSE! We actually advise you to use Atlantean spells cast upon the Stone of Poseidon for best results! You will obtain much better results than with any other type of magic.

9. Can I discuss about the spell you cast for me with others?
We do not recommend talking about your spell to anyone! This may cause a delay to the result or even cancel the spell as different energies might affect the spell.

10. Can the results come rapidly?
YES you can have results in a week! From Iron spells, 99% of our clients get results in 10-30 weeks. From the Silver spells, 99% of our clients get results in 6-20 weeks, and from Gold spells, 99% of our clients get results in 3-14 weeks. If you want FASTER and PERMANENT results, then contact us directly and we can cast more powerful spells using the stone of poseidon!

11. When will my spell be cast?
As soon as you have placed your order, we will look upon your request and the spell will be cast within the 48 hours from your payment been received.

12. How do I know that my spell is cast?
We will send you a written notification to let you know how everything went.

13. My case is hard, can you still help me?
YES! You come to the right place. If you didn't find a spell that covers your situation or you are not sure if a special spell will be needed, then write directly to us describing your case, Allen Mac Bride, head of the research centre, will personally take care of your spell cast!

14. Do you use the same magick for all your spells?
We only use the Stone of Poseidon for hard cases spells. So if you want our most powerful magick then ask for a special spell, you will not regret it.

15. I have my own religion, can I still use your spells?
YES Of course ! As you may now know, if you read the content of the site, Atlantean magic is the most powerful and non-religious power in the world. No need for any profound spell casting or psychic knowledge to buy our services.

16.Will I or anyone else be harmed or get any bad karma when I use your spells?
We would like to insist on the fact that the spells we made are HARMLESS to yourself or anyone else for that matter. NO side-effect, bad Karma or setbacks. The spells we cast are to make life better.

17. Is there any warranty ?
Yes, every spell comes with a one year money back OR refund warranty! We pay much attention to every spell cast and oblige ourselves to satisfy your request 100%. If after a period of 90 days you still haven't obtained any of the results expected from the spell, and if due to a mistake from our side, don't hesitate to ask for a recast. After 9 months, if you feel unhappy with the results, you can ask for a refund of your purchase, no questions asked.

18. How will you know what to do with my case if I pay online?
It is very simple : The order will be paid via PAYPAL's secure server. After payment is complete you will be redirected to a form. Fill the form with the information we request. (NOTE: If you are not a paypal customer you need to click a link after you made the credit card payment because IT WON'T redirect automatically!). If you don't fill out the form or get redirected, we will contact you. Every message will be read by our staff and immediately sent to one of our specialists, who will then cast the spell as soon as possible. 48 Hrs MAX!

19. How can I pay ?
We accept any form of payment : VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, EUROCARD, E-CHECK

20. How long have you been doing this ?
The head of the American Department of Geology, Mr Allen Mac Bride, has been studying the Stone of Poseidon for 43 years. He spent his whole life on this fascinating artefact. He trained himself the scientists who are taking care of your spells, and this has been going on for 27 years.

21. Is it possible to order several spells in one time ?
Absolutely. In that case, we will hold an internal meeting to determine the best way how we will cast the different spells. We would like to insist on the fact that the spells we made available are HARMLESS to yourself or anyone else for that matter. NO side-effect, bad Karma or setbacks. The spells we cast are to make life better and we use white magick.