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(*Please tell us your name, d.o.b., and the specific domain in which you want to have luck)

This spell will bring you an amazing and incredible luck in one domain of your choice. Please note that this spell is a specific one and will give better specific results than the extreme luck spell which will offer you a general luck in every domain. Tell us in which domain you need luck (love, work etc.).


(*Please tell us your name and d.o.b.)

Same as the above but for every domain in your life.


(*Please tell us the name and/or d.o.b. of the person against whom you want a revenge)

A person harmed you or you simply want revenge from someone you don't like? Order this spell and that person will have terrible nightmares every night. He or she will wake up sweating feeling that an obscure presence is surrounding him or her. With that spell, the person of your choice won't be able to manage his/her own life.


(*Please tell us your name and d.o.b. and/or the name and d.o.b. of the person that you want us to protect)

You feel that a curse/hex has been cast upon you? Maybe you have even been told that all your problems are tied to that malediction. Don't wait and order this spell to clear your karma and have a normal life as before. This spell stops a curse from expanding instantly and will gradually remove all the curse/hex effects. Moreover, you can also use this spell as a preventive if you think that someone may psychically harm you in the next weeks.