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The story


We owe the first encounter with Atlantis, also known as the "eighth continent", to Greek philosopher Plato (427-347 B.C.) and his writings in the "Timaeus" and "Critias" dialogues. Plato Included these texts into "Politeia", his work depicting the ideal government. As a consequence, a great number of philosophers, scientists and geologists got interested by Plato's theories on that island to be found somewhere passed the Hercules Columns, known nowadays as the Gibraltar Detroit. Already then, stated one of the greatest riddles of the history of mankind, and this topic has now been covered by several thousands of books.


The Atlantean civilization lived on for 4000 years, from 15.000 to 11.000 BC. We only know little of this culture which would forever affect our history. Indeed, scientists have asserted that, at that time, major cataclysms and natural disasters modified the submarine relief. And we know from Plato that Atlantis sunk after violent geological turbulence triggered by gigantic earthquakes and violent volcanic eruptions. Many parallels have been drawn between these thousands of years old events and the forthcoming earthquake - commonly referred to as the " Big One"- that will take place near the coasts of California, by the San Andrea Fault, and probably swallow Hawaii.

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Nevertheless, Aristotle - Plato's disciple- proved that the Atlanteans were a highly developed people, especially on a spiritual basis. A number of historians thus argue that the Egyptian, Maya, Aztec, Greek and Inca gods were actually simple men who outlived the tragedy of Atlantis. This theory reminds us of the travels of Christopher Columbus and his men who, when just arrived on the American shores, were seen as gods by the local natives. Furthermore, vast research led in the past by the Jesuit monks, and today by the American Department of Research on Atlantis, on the Stone of Poseidon shows that the Atlanteans were capable of wonders: telepathy, levitation, psychic powers, etc. These were common activities on Atlantis.

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